Quand Hasbro reprend les idées de Mattel, ça donne ...

Tout ce qui concerne les Figurines 3"3/4, Playsets, Vaisseaux..
Pour la période de 1978 à 1985.

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12 févr. 2004 10:45

J'ai un peu peur pour le choix des persos!!!!!!! :?
Apparement pour la serie ESB :
- Yoda
- luke training
- obi wan (holo)!?!?!
- r2d2 (light and sound?!?)

Mais bon tout cela n'est pas officiel :wink:
J'espere du moins pour le choix des personnages :roll:

Well, Hasbro did not allow photos... but they did have new products and here are the details I could get out of them:

The Original Trilogy Collection (OTC)


The new style package front is black with stars on it with the original Star Wars logo at the top of the card wrapping around the "blister" where the figure will be placed. The figures shown are new sculpts in the vintage style package (at least that is what was shown on display). Hasbro now classifies the figures as "Rebel vs. Empire" where the Figure # is by being blue or red in color. The current figures that will be available are:

R2-D2 (Dagobah) from The Empire Strikes Back - Figure #4
From Dagohah and has swamp all over him. This was the only figure (actually it was only the package) on display. The card back has a picture of the character and figure with this text next to it:
"Two-stage button! Press briefly for robotic character and light. Press and hold button for robotic "scream" and light."

Following the above were pictures of other figures in that wave. There was also the "Jedi Knights Kids Club" logo. This will be a newsletter type mailing list.
Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) from The Empire Strikes Back - Figure #1
This figure is Luke using the force by balancing himself with one hand. It includes a piece of the swamp as a base.
Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back - Figure #2
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spirit) from The Empire Strikes Back - Figure #3
Obi-Wan has been updated from his clear blue plastic that was available as an exclusive to a new clear figure but with color. It's difficult to explain but it looked pretty good.


Millennium Falcon - Comes with many new electronics including "headlights," flying sound, missile-firing launcher, hyperdrive sounds and lights (looked really cool), and start-up and cruise sounds. It also comes with the gaming table and hidden compartment.


Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber
Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber

We "pffffffuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !" look forward to the images at the New York Toy Fair in February but until then, this will have to do...

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12 févr. 2004 11:42

Moi ce qui me fait peur c'est le juste les blister styme vintage et pas les figs :?

Qu'ils poussent le concept jusqu'au bout...

Si ça tombe ils vont nous faire des repackage des POTF2 dans des blister Vintage Style...


c'est du flan…

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